The Wine


Vino Nobile di Montepulciano DOCG


The vineyard from which our wine Serraglio originates is located a couple of kilometers from the historic center of Montepulciano, at an altitude of 580 meters above sea level. It is a small vineyard, only two hectares, facing east and is illuminated by the sun from the early hours of the morning.

The vineyard, planted in the year 2000, is made up of 95% Sangiovese vines and 5% of the little known Mammolo.

Everything concerning the management of the vineyard, the care and harvesting of the grapes respects the most recent protocols that guide Organic production. This leads us to have a quantitatively smaller but qualitatively extraordinary production.

The harvest takes place between the last September and early October days. The weather and the ripeness of the grapes affect the harvest date.


Between the end of September and early October days, when the ripening of the grapes is at its peak, we prepare for the harvest.

We only collect the best bunches, which pass from the basket to the crates and from the crates to the destemmer machine that separates the grains from the stalks and pushes them into the steel barrel.

There the must passes the first 2-3 weeks waiting for the transformation into wine, with the mutation of sugars into alcohol.

After the first phase, the wine is transferred to vitrified concrete barrels where it spends the autumn and winter months.

With the arrival of spring, the new wine is transferred to oak barrels where it is left to age, before bottling.



The vineyard from which our two wines are produced is always the same. So what’s the difference?

There are two.

First of all, we make the Nobile RISERVA only in particular vintages, which can give something special and unique to the wine.

The other difference lies in the refinement in the bottle: before going on sale the RISERVA has at least 12 months of refinement in the bottle.